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“Oh my God,” wearily expressed Xander as he leaned against the wall. “Isn’t summer vacation supposed to be…I don’t know… not about boring museums? We’re in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Shouldn’t we be at a beach, drinking margaritas and living it up? Remind me again why we let Giles pick the Evita Museum?”
Turning his head from one of Evita’s artifacts, Rupert side-glanced towards Xander’s direction. “You are aware that I can hear everything you’re saying, right?”
Buffy grinned at her friends’ statements, shrugged, and then answered, “Besides, it could always be worse.”
“Yeah,” Anya enthusiastically chimed in. “Some vampires could just start barging into the place, kill people, and then drink their blood.”
Willow peered over toward her right at the ex-demon before sarcastically muttering, “Thanks for the grim imagery.”
The shattering of glass rang through the halls. Items within the casings were being thrown, so Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Giles, Tara, and Xander ran to where the noise came from. People, obviously tourists, were lying dead on the cold floor. The rest of the vacationers who survived fled the scene and left the museum, screaming. It was obvious that vampires started raiding the place. Nearly half a dozen of them stood in front of Buffy and her crew. “Well, looks like this trip just got a lot worse,” she said, getting in to fight mode. “Dawn, I think it’s best you go with Giles and Tara. Get out of here!” The teenager tried to resist the former librarian’s grasp, but failed miserably.
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