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Story Notes:
Challenge: b-day prezzie for clarityfades. Such an awesome reviewer deserves a nice dose of B/G goodness.

Timeline: AU’verse; 1st year Buffy’s in Sunnydale. Using the movie airdate for my timeline. Lorne came to LA sooner than in canon ‘cause I love him and wanted him there.

This is what Buffy looked like when they met:

Warning: OOC behavior for both Buffy and Giles. Because I wanted this to be a oneshot, they had to move uber-fast. Since he’s more like Ripper than Rupert, he’s crass and vulgar at times. There are some naughty words because of that. Plus there’s semi-explicit sexiness between them.

Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.
Fall of ’93…

It took her a little while to get the hang of this weird town, but Elizabeth – name legally changed from Buffy after graduation in an attempt to be taken more seriously – Anne Summers finally thought she was prepared for most of what it could throw at her. Or at least she hoped so.

Doyle and Lorne’s cryptic warnings about this place had her worried. The fact she was taking advice from two demons probably had Merrick rolling in his grave. Then again, maybe not; after all, he was the one who told her not to judge a book by its cover. And it was her Slayer dreams that led her to Caritas in the first place.

She already knew how Pike felt about them. After she told him that she talked to some nice demons, he blew up, ranting that there was no such thing. It pretty much went downhill from there. Last she saw of him, he was headed out of LA on his bike.

Oh well, according to Lorne’s reading, she’d find love with a man who had a dark past he was trying to make up for. He even sort of described him to her.

When she ran into the vampire, Angel, her first night in Sunnydale, she thought it might be him, but he was kind of a pain in the ass with his ‘man of mystery’ routine. What made it irritating was she could see his interest in her, and maybe a couple years ago she’d have fallen for tall, dark and cryptic.

These days, however, she wanted somebody she could fight side-by-side with, then make love to when the fighting was done. She wasn’t sure how sex with vampires went, but she didn’t want to risk being his meal if he got carried away.

“Liz! Liz!” three little voices cried out, knocking her out of her thoughts abruptly. She turned to look at the munchkins racing towards her. Before becoming the Slayer, they would have annoyed the heck out of her, but now she found them adorable.

The little redhead and her two brunette bookends pounced, hoping to knock her off balance, but she simply caught them and twirled. Fortunately, nobody was around to notice her performance of unusual strength.

“Hey, you little monsters,” Elizabeth teased. Her face turned serious then. “Have you been behaving? Staying in after dark and everything?”

She saved the trio from some vampires looking to snack on some young blood. Instead of ignoring what was in front of them – like everyone at Hemery did – they gushed over the superhero who rescued them. Xander and Jesse wanted to know if she had a secret identity, and Willow just babbled at light speed about how it was scientifically impossible for a body to disintegrate like that. Whoa, only 10 years old and the girl sounded smarter than her already.

Willow nodded solemnly but the boys pouted. “We wanna fight evil with you,” Xander spoke for both of them enthusiastically.

“Don’t be silly!” Willow reprimanded. “She’d have to spend all her time protecting us,” she explained in a reasonable tone.

Elizabeth gave her a grateful smile. It had been hard enough patrolling with Pike; she wouldn’t even want to attempt it with kids. “Besides, you need to do some physical training to be able to keep up with me. Who knows, if you work hard enough, maybe in a few years you can help me,” she offered, not telling them she probably would be dead by that point.

She spent a couple hours playing with them, teaching them some self-defense moves without letting them know that’s what they were. Just call her Miss Miyagi with her ‘wax on, wax off’ approach. It was better than telling them what she was doing, though. Somehow she got the impression the boys would be trying to prove how much they learned by going out and getting themselves into trouble before they were ready.


That night…

Angel had found Elizabeth at the Bronze to give her another cryptic message about some baddie, then disappeared into the shadows before she could ask any questions. Boy that was getting annoying.

Still…she couldn’t ignore the warning, so she went searching for the demon he told her about. She had to get some fashion accessory reject called Mygone or something and destroy it with Living Flame. That’d be great if she had any clue what Living Flame was or where to find the glove thing. Yup, cryptic messages sucked.

She was in her third cemetery of the night when she saw several vampires surrounding a guy in dark pants and a leather coat. His back was to her, so she couldn’t see his face, but his body was pretty nice. He certainly filled out the pants in a yummy way. If the rest of his looks were anything like his ass…

Shaking herself out of her steamy thoughts, Elizabeth decided that saving him should come first, then she could have her naughty thoughts. With that in mind, she moved forward to do some serious slaying.

Much to her surprise, he was fighting back almost like-- no, he couldn’t be a Watcher ‘cause he was too young and not creepy-ish like she first thought Merrick had been. But there was still that flitter of recognition deep within her that said he was one. She wasn’t sure she wanted another Watcher to replace Merrick; especially not one she’d have to fight her attraction to. Oh yeah, when she saw his face, she was definitely attracted.

“Hey, Slayer! Head in the fight!” sexy guy shouted to her with a smirk. “You can check me out later!”

Elizabeth blushed furiously, but did as he commanded and within minutes, they were standing alone, surrounded by piles of ash. She blushed again at his intense examination of her.

“Bloody hell, you’re even more gorgeous than I imagined!” he declared. Then he caught a glimpse of the writing on her tank top from under her jacket and started laughing. It said ‘Vampires suck!’ on it. “Bet your Watcher loves that shirt! How’d you manage to sneak that by him?”

Bleakness entered her eyes and she replied in a monotone, “He’s dead. At least I was able to kill Lothos to avenge him,” she added, a little spirit creeping back into her voice.

The mysterious man looked confused. “They haven’t sent you another one yet?” he asked. “Those pillocks!” he started swearing, using words that she was sure were swear words where he came from, but she didn’t understand what they meant. A few minutes later, he calmed down enough to explain, “If a Watcher dies, a replacement is to be sent within a day. Merrick would have made sure to tell them where you were in case they needed to send somebody someday. Some Watchers tend to forget that and it takes the new Watcher up to a week to find the Slayer again. The delay can mean life or death for her.”

“Sounds like you know quite a bit about Slayers and Watchers,” Elizabeth challenged, wondering just who this guy was. Her vamp senses weren’t going off, so she knew that if he was a demon, at least he wasn’t a vamp.

He snorted. “That’s because I used to be a Watcher – or at least training to be one before I fucked up and was told to leave their precious group. Once I pulled myself together, I decided I didn’t need some stuffy organization to fight demons. Found out where the worst spots were and decided to tackle them on my own. Sunnydale happens to have a Hellmouth under the high school, so it draws a lot of evil to it. Wasn’t sure they were ever going to send a Slayer here.”

Realizing that he hadn’t introduced himself yet, he held out his hand and said, “Name’s Rupert Giles, but you can call me Ripper, luv.”

She took his hand, unprepared for his bending over to kiss her knuckles. The tightness in her gut radiated up to her throat and she gulped several times before she could answer him, stuttering horribly as she did so, “E-Elizabeth S-Summers.” From Lorne’s description of her lover with a dark past, Ripper had to be the guy. Yay for karaoke demons!

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman,” Ripper purred, enjoying the effect he had on the young Slayer. Suddenly he was very pleased he had been kicked out of the Council. If he hadn’t, he would never be able to act on his attraction for her. He hadn’t felt this drawn to a woman since…well, no point in dredging up painful memories.

Miss Summers wouldn’t be a fling, not if he had anything to say about it. He’d stick by her side like glue until one or both of them were dead. Her reactions to him gave him hope that his advances wouldn’t be turned away either. Maybe it would be smart to check for competition, though, before he made a fool of himself.

“So you don’t have a Watcher I have to fight past,” he drawled, leaning in to whisper in her ear, “What about a boyfriend?” Ripper smiled when she shivered as his breath tickled her neck.

Elizabeth actually whimpered.

Back when she was Queen B at Hemery, she was the one making guys whimper, but this man was making her practically swoon. And the worst part was that she didn’t want to fight him off; she wanted him to continue!

When her voice refused to work, she shook her head instead.

“Wonderful,” Ripper declared sexily. She had the impression he could fold his socks in a sexy way. Her knees buckled when he brushed his lips across her neck up to the side of her mouth.

Holding her breath, Elizabeth waited for him to claim her lips with his, and when he didn’t, she almost cried out in frustration.

Ripper could tell she was his, despite only having met a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, evil didn’t wait for sex or romance. Still, when she pouted at him, he almost forgot he was supposed to be doing the seduction. He groaned inwardly, that lip should be registered as a lethal weapon!

“None of that, luv,” he growled. “We’ve got to finish sweeping the town for vampires and other nasties. As soon as that’s taken care of, we can get to the fun stuff,” Ripper promised, lust blazing in his eyes.

He chuckled when she grabbed his hand, practically dragging him through the cemetery so they could finish faster. That was okay, though; he wanted to get her back to his place just as much as she wanted it.

As they raced through the rest of the patrol, she explained about the Mygone glove and the souled vampire who fed her info on the town baddies. He snorted at the idea of a good vampire, but as long as the bloodsucker didn’t try to get between him and his Slayer, Ripper didn’t care if he gave them messages about potential dangers.


Ripper’s apartment
A couple hours later…

While they were successful in getting rid of a dozen more vampires and a few demons, there was no luck on the glove. Ripper promised himself that he’d do some research as soon as he woke up the next day…whenever that was.

Right now, he was far too involved in living up to his nickname. Elizabeth’s jeans were the first to get ripped off. Next came the tank top – but carefully so that she could wear them again; it would be a crime to waste clothing that accentuated her body so perfectly.

He didn’t have the same concerns for her undergarments, however.

Taking the flimsy piece of cloth she called a bra in both hands, Ripper tore it apart, freeing her perky breasts for his enjoyment. While he feasted on those, those same hands slid down her body to the matching cloth ‘protecting’ her virginity – although he didn’t know she was still a virgin at that point. But instead of ripping it off right away, he decided to use it to his advantage first.

The friction of rubbing her clit through her panties increased her already rampant breathing. When he pinched it, simultaneously biting down on her nipple, she cried out her climax, “Ripper!”

The scent of her juices drove him into a frenzy. Suddenly the panties were gone. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, forcing her to lie down completely on his bed. Oh, the sweet nectar that poured from this goddess! His tongue took her over the edge twice more.

Then he couldn’t wait any longer. Using his magick, Ripper got rid of his own clothes and was inside her before she could catch her breath. That’s when he found out he was her first lover. ‘And last,’ he vowed to himself. Distracting himself every way he could think of, Ripper held off until she climaxed again before emptying himself deep inside her with his own cry, “Lizzie!”

After their minds were coherent again, Elizabeth curled up next to him, wrapping her leg over his body to keep him from leaving – as if that were even a remote possibility.

It was several hours, and a few more vigorous shags before they fell asleep in exhaustion, sleeping until mid-afternoon the next day. Neither of them were complaining though.
Chapter End Notes:
A/N: Hope that suits your b-day wish, clarityfades. Any smuttier and I’d be blushing until September.
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